Elected Union Officers


valentinValentin Lorien
MEC President

“Val” is originally from New York City. He moved to San Francisco in 2001 and two months after moving to California, he landed his first full-time job as a Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines.
After 12 years of working for Southwest at their Oakland base, he wanted a change and Norwegian provided him with an opportunity he couldn’t resist. “Opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime and I took it,” claims Valentin, “I never looked back!” Valentin moved to Fort Lauderdale in 2014 and was a part of Norwegian’s first training class at their newly opened FLL base. “I knew at the first day of training that Norwegian was the place I was meant to be,” says Valentin. “While my opinion of having a need for a Union here quickly changed, my love and passion for Norwegian still remains strong…I’m determined to make Norwegian a great place to work!”
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tedTheodore Pavlik
JFK Base Rep and Negotiating Committee Member

“Ted” is originally from Southern California and now resides in Las Vegas with his miniature Pincher. He started as a Flight Attendant with United Airlines in 1999 and worked there until 2013.
Ted joined Norwegian in April of 2014 as a Senior Cabin Crew Member and in 2016, became a Cabin Supervisor and a Ground Instructor for their Boeing 787 Operation.
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katarzynaVice President Katarzyna Mroczek
FLL Base Rep and MEC Secretary-Treasurer

“Katarina” was born on Usedom, an island that Poland shares with Germany on the Baltic Sea. While growing up as a child in Poland, she watched American “Westerns” every Saturday evening and always imagined living in the Wild West—the United States.
Poland was a communist country back then and despite having heavily guarded closed borders, Katarzyna was determined to live in the United States. Eventually she made it to Miami, FL where her “Wild West” dream became Marilyn Monroe’s “Some Like it Hot.”
The first tangible item Katarzyna received in the U.S. was The Yellow Pages. Putting them to good use, she landed her first job as a front desk employee at the Marriott Hotel. Feeling an incredible feeling of accomplishment, she felt that she had achieved her dream. “It felt like it was meant to be,” says Katarzyna. In 2000, she joined the aviation world as a flight attendant for AirTran Airways. In 2003 she became a flight attendant with World Airways where flew celebrities, private charters for entire sports teams, and military mission flights which flew her to places she never even knew existed. “It was an absolute blast and the best time of my professional life,” states Katarzyna. “We felt free, appreciated, and satisfied, until the social virus known as GREED took over and put an end to a 63-year-old business.”
World Airways going out of business did not keep Katarzyna out of the industry for long. At the beginning of 2014, she was invited to “Cabin Crew” training by Norwegian Air Shuttle for their first class at their newly established Fort Lauderdale base. She started as a Senior Cabin Crew Member, then was quickly promoted to Supervisor, and later, Ground Instructor. “We were all so eager and excited because this job came with promises of a bright future,” states Katarzyna. “Some of these promises came true, others didn’t—as a result we lost a tremendous number of talented people causing the morale to plummet.” Katarzyna saw the sadness, anger, and frustration at her new company but was determined to make a difference. “Norwegian has the potential to be successful with passengers and employees alike. I know this is possible to achieve because I witnessed this in the past. I decided to donate my time and effort to the union in hopes of developing a productive relationship with the company in order to produce changes to benefit the airline, and most importantly, Cabin Crew. I want us all to build a platform for a rewarding career and not just a job.”
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