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Dear AFA Member,

We were recently in contact with a Senior Manager at Norwegian who was completely unaware of our high crew member turnover rate in the US. The fact that this Senior Manager was unaware of the high turnover is troubling, but even more disturbing are the turnover figures themselves:

FLL—former employees: 138; current employees: 136 (50% turnover since base opening)

JFK—former employees: 217; current employees: 200. (52% turnover since base opening)

LAX—former employees: 49; current employees: 106. (32% turnover since base opening)

For reference, the average turnover for a major US airline is approximately 8%.

Next week your Union Leadership is meeting with this Senior Management to discuss Employee Satisfaction and Human Resources in the US Bases. Because they rarely venture outside of their bubble in Norway, Senior Leadership at Norwegian/OSM (in Norway) think that US crew currently employed with Norwegian/OSM are perfectly happy with our current pay, working conditions, and local management (Base Chiefs and OSM HR).

We need your help in helping us provide valuable information to the senior leadership at Norwegian to let them know that just because their current employees are still here performing their jobs doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happy. Currently, Norwegian/OSM surveys crew members only AFTER they quit the Company.

Please answer the following survey, which should take only 1 minute of your time. If you wish to share additional information with us, please email or call us at the number below.


Please contact the Union with any questions,

Valentin, Katarzyna, and Ted



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