Enough is Enough…We Need Answers!



A few days ago, Management announced new job postings for FLL, JFK, and LAX. Management is also contacting some CCMs to ask if they’re interested in a special qualification position (SCCM). Under normal circumstances, we would welcome this announcement, but as many of you know, we are not operating under normal circumstances at the this time.

With the Focus 2019 initiative, Management has announced route cuts, base closures, the sale of a dozen 737 aircraft and the grounding of several 787 aircraft. In addition, Management is asking all crew members to take concessions to our wages and working conditions.

While all this is happening, our rosters—which have been downright pathetic for the past 2+ years—continue to reflect low block hours and a high number of standby days. We also have 60+ cabin crew in SWF and PVD who are going to be out of a job in September. Many of these crew members are interested in transferring to a 787 base, which will negate most or all of the need to hire additional crew.

Yesterday, I wrote a letter to Helga Bollmann Leknes, Norwegian’s Chief Commercial Officer, letting her know about the poor decisions Management is continuing to make and asking that she fix these bad decisions immediately. You can read a copy of the letter here:

One of the important points made in the letter is that we are overstaffed—we have been for the past 2+ years—and Management continues to recruit more cabin crew members than they know what to do with. Our rosters continue to be unproductive, we continue to work under substandard wages, we are being told that we have to do our part to take cuts to our working conditions, and our morale continues to decline.  Announcing job openings and new promotions while current employees struggle to make ends meet is a slap in the face.


Tomorrow I am flying to Norway and will not leave until I have answers, explanations, and guarantees for the US crew members.

Helga quickly responded to my letter and promised a meeting with the following members of her Management Team: the Head of Manpower Planning, the Vice President of Crew Management, and the Vice President of Cabin Crew. I will be meeting with these individuals early next week and will give you an update after the meeting.

Now is the time for us to tell Management that “Enough is Enough!” and that the US crew can’t take it anymore. I am all for hiring new employees and offering promotions when necessary but Management needs to realize that they need to take of your current employees first. As always, proudly wear your AFA pin and take care of each other out there—at this point, all we can count on is each other!

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