October Update



This month’s Union update covers the following topics:

1)     Negotiations Update

2)     Calling in Fatigued/Not Fit for Flight (NFF)

3)     Continued Flight Reductions

4)     Hurricane Florence–AFA Disaster Relief Fund is once again here to help


1.     Negotiations Update

Last week, your AFA Negotiating Committee met with the Company for 2-day session in Fort Lauderdale, supervised by a federal mediator. Attending the session in person was OSM Management. Norwegian attended via Skype and included Senior Management, Planning, and Replanning. Norwegian’s Management Team have been traveling for the past month for the operational base meetings, and did not give us as many counter proposals as originally intended, but progress was still made. We came to a mutual understanding on two proposals and expect to have a tentative agreement on these proposals when we meet at our next session the week of October 22nd.

2.     Calling in Fatigued/Not Fit for Flight (NFF)

There has been recent questions and concern about when and how to call in Fatigued/NFF. Reporting Fatigued/NFF is covered in several places in the Company’s Operation’s manual. OMA 6.1 Crew Health Precautions states the following (paraphrased):

If you are in doubt that you will be able to safely perform your duties, if you’re fatigued, or feel unfit to the extent that the flight may be endangered, it’s your responsibility to report this to IOCC. This applies to all cases where the crew member is not feeling fit for flight…When a crew member is reporting Not Fit for Flight (NFF) the crew member must be relieved from duty. When this occurs the crew member concerned must file a Fatigue Report…NFF reporting is non-punitive. Note: “NFF” is an individual decision and not a collective decision.

Nowhere in the Company’s operations manuals does it suggest that calling in fatigued/NFF should only be done in certain circumstances, e.g., when your duty day is over “x” number of hours or the effect that calling in NFF may have the operation. Norwegian operates a “Safety First” culture and it’s our responsibility to notify the Company not only when we are unfit to fly but when we suspect that a colleague may be unfit to fly as well. The first sentence of the Company Safety Policy, which can found in the beginning of the OMA, states, “In Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS), the safety of customers, staff, and third parties is our highest priority and we are committed to achieve the highest safety standards.”

If you experience any negative repercussions from calling in Fatigued/NFF, notify the Union immediately.

3.     Continued Flight Reductions

Due to the ongoing problem we are experiencing with our aircraft engines, we continue to experience ongoing flight reductions and cancellations. The most recent of which have been routes from Fort Lauderdale to Spain. We have contacted the Company to ask what effect this is going to have on the US crew and we are still waiting on a response. We also want to know how a future reduction or route cancellation would affect the crew, if it were to arise. Even though we continue to receive our monthly salaries, it’s not enough for many of us to make a decent living. Once the Company has responds out to us and tells us the effect it may have on our rosters, we will meet to suggest ways to mitigate the impact on the crew including offering voluntary leaves of absence.

4.     Hurricane Florence–AFA Disaster Relief Fund is once again here to help

While we can’t stop destructive events from happening, we can, as a Union, assist our members with their recovery. Last year, AFA’s Disaster Relief Fund provided Norwegian AFA members affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. This year, AFA’s Disaster Relief Fund is once again available to assist Norwegian AFAmembers whose primary residence is in the North Carolina counties affected by Hurricane Florence.  It is a gift made possible by the generosity of your fellow union sisters and brothers with AFA. For more information on AFA’s Disaster Relief Fund or to apply for assistance, visit


Thank you for reading this negotiations update. Stay Unified. Stay Professional. Be Courteous to each other.

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