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Last week, your AFA Negotiating Committee met with Norwegian and OSM Management for three days of Federal Mediation. The Company and the AFAreached tentative agreements on three articles: Staff Travel, Health and Safety, and Union Security. Below are some of the highlights of each Tentative Agreement. Please keep in mind that these highlights are not all inclusive and none of the items go into effect until all of the articles are tentatively agreed to and you, the Union Members, vote to approve the finished Contract.


  1. Staff Travel

o   A “me too” clause that affords US-based cabin crew the same benefits as any other employee group at Norwegian. *We believe that all employee groups currently receive equal treatment, but if we discover that another employee group is offered better travel benefits, the US-based cabin crew will automatically be afforded the same benefits.

o   Language that ensures passive travel will not be on a jumpseat.

o   Pay for waived deadheads. (e.g., last leg of your trip is a DH from CDG-JFK. You decide to waive the DH and stay in CDG. You will still be paid for the waived deadhead.)


2.       Health and Safety

o   Union acceptance of the Working Environment Committee; mandatory Union involvement in WEC.

o   Protection against requiring CCMs to conduct bomb searches or pickup trash while the aircraft is on the ground.

o   Protection against requiring CCMs to cleanup/come into contact with communicable diseases and if needed, Company reimbursement for immunizations, inoculations, testing, and treatment.

3.       Union Security

o   Language ensuring workgroup is protected against freeloaders (non-payers of union dues).

o   Company agrees to allow dues check-off (payroll deduction of union dues).

o   Language allowing those who didn’t sign up for union membership to do so within 60 days of the contract being ratified.


These three (3) tentative agreements are in addition to the three tentative agreements previously agreed to by the Company in the past year: Grievances, System Board of Adjustment, and Leaves of Absence. For those who don’t remember, the highlights of these agreements are as follows:


  1. Grievances

o   CCM has the ability to file a grievance for any instance where they feel they are wronged including disciplinary (e.g., verbal/written warnings, suspensions, terminations, etc.) or non-disciplinary (e.g., money, working conditions, etc.).

o   The ability of CCM to appeal any Company decision to a Board of Adjustment.

2.       System Board of Adjustment

o   A three-member Board that includes a neutral arbitrator will be assembled to decide a CCM’s grievance if the Company does not resolve the grievance to the CCM’s satisfaction.

o   The Company and the Union will share the cost of assembling the Board of Adjustment. There will be no cost to the CCM.

3.       Leaves of Absence

o   Maximum leave duration for Medical, FMLA, Pregnancy, is extended to double what it is currently.

o   Language ensuring that CCM will still receive all Company benefits while on leave.

o   Policy and Procedures for Company Offered (Voluntary) leaves of absence; includes offering leaves to special qualification CCMs.

o   Parental (including Paternity) and Adoption leave.

o   Bereavement Leave extended to 5 days.


In total, we now have six (6) tentative agreements and are on track to secure several more at upcoming bargaining sessions. The next bargaining session is November 19th and 20th in Fort Lauderdale. The holiday season will soon be upon us and it’s likely that the following bargaining session will take place in January. As noted in previous updates, negotiating our first Contract is the Union’s #1 priority. Every time we meet with the Company, we attempt to resolve our open issues by meeting the Company “half-way” and “turn” our proposals around the same day. We are doing our best to move the bargaining process forward as quickly as possible while at the same time negotiating contract language that is fair to us and the work we do as safety professionals.


We will have another Negotiations Update for you in 3 weeks. In the meantime, please join our weekly Negotiations Update Conference Call at 1200 Eastern Time every Tuesday at (605) 472-5611. The access code is: 620709. Thank you for reading this Negotiations Update. Stay Unified. Stay Professional. Be Courteous to each other.

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