September Update



Dear AFA Member:

We hope you all had a great Labor Day. This month’s Union update contains the following topics:

1)     Negotiations Session on Sep. 4th and 5th

2)     Bjorn Kjos–Guest speaker at the International Aviation Club

3)     Compensation Survey up and ready!

4)     Remembering September 11—a message from AFA International President Sara Nelson


1)     Negotiations Session on Sep 4th and 5th

Right after Labor Day, the Company and the Union met for a short (1.5 day) negotiations session in Los Angeles at Norwegian’s crew hotel. The meeting was originally intended only to be a 1 day in-person “meet and greet” between the federal Mediator and Norwegian Management, but in the spirit of reaching an agreement ASAP, both sides agreed to schedule an extra day for Negotiations. While no agreements were reached, we still had a productive discussion and made movement on several articles. It is our hope that that when we meet again in two weeks (Sep 25-27) we will reach tentative agreements on some articles. We are right in the middle of discussing the Scheduling article including items related to pay (i.e. pay protection for pulled/cancelled trips). The Company understands the issue and the discussion on pay protection has been productive. We are optimistic that further discussions on this issue will yield a resolution that the crew will be happy with.


2)     Bjorn Kjos–Guest speaker at the International Aviation Club

The International Aviation Club is the forum for new faces and pronouncements affecting commercial aviation in the United States and the worldwide community. On September 6th, the International Aviation Club hosted our CEO Bjorn Kjos as their guest speaker at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. The AFA bought a table at the luncheon and several US-based Norwegian Crew Members were invited to come and support Bjorn in his presentation to the crowd. Bjorn discussed the importance of the US market to Norwegian’s future and promised that more routes (and more crew bases) will be added to the US market in the near future, though no specifics were given on where the routes or crew bases would be.


3)     Compensation Survey up and ready!

 Most of our Contract Proposals are on the Table and we are expected to make progress on these proposals at our next bargaining session (Sep 25-27). The most important proposal that has not been passed across yet is Compensation (anything related to money $$$). It’s been over 2 years since our last Contract Survey and since then, we have gained and lost hundreds of cabin crew members. Because compensation is one of the most important articles in our Contract, we want to reaffirm these priorities and ensure that we are asking for the compensation items that YOU feel are the most important to you. Please take a few moments to fill out this short survey by visiting the Union website or by clicking on the following link:


4)     Remembering September 11—a message from AFA International President Sara Nelson

Always contact us if you have any questions or need more information or clarification on any union-related matters including Negotiations.


Stay Unified. Stay Professional. Be Courteous to each other.

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