Negotiations Update – August 2018



We are pleased to announce that we had a very productive week of Collective Bargaining (Contract Negotiations) this week.  Again at this session, we continue to deal directly with Norwegian officials in our negotiations.  We have long said this is essential to reaching an agreement. The negotiations this week were characterized with open respectful discussions and compromise to reach agreements that ensure the US Cabin Crew are treated fairly and the Company remains profitable.

We met in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday to Thursday at OSM Headquarters with Phil Villani and Beate Jakobsen from OSM Aviation and federal mediator Anthony Michael Tosi from the National Mediation Board.  Present from Norwegian (via Skype):

From Fornebu:

Gitte Leonce, Vice President of Cabin Crew

Guro Poulsen, Vice President of Crew Management

Anne-Helen Stenberg, Head of People Relations and Change

Andre Ostby, Team Leader of Crew Planning

From Barcelona:

Daniel Flynn, Acting Manager of Replanning

Alessandra Rasa, Team Leader of Crew Replanning

Our conversations were very productive and positive and included frank exchanges of viewpoints and perspectives. Contract negotiations are very different in Europe and the United States and reaching an agreement here at Norwegian requires a willingness to meet in the middle on both approaches and content. This week we believe both sides (the AFA and Norwegian) did exactly that. Although we have many difficult issues to work through, we believe that Norwegian management demonstrated respect and concern for the US-based CCMs.

Despite being absent from negotiations for the past two years, Norwegian Management provided responses to us on ten (10) articles and we were able to have dialogue and provide counter proposals on the articles.

  • Vacation
  • Staff Travel
  • Crew Bases and Moving Expenses
  • Hotels
  • Furloughs
  • Scheduling
  • Uniforms
  • Health and Safety
  • Seniority
  • Benefits

Despite Norwegian Management being new to our negotiations, we were able to reach agreements on many issues in these articles and explored frameworks to resolve certain larger issues.  We will follow up on these articles at our meetings in September.

On certain scheduling matters, we are exploring the concept of working groups with other cabin crew union groups around the world.  This reflects the reality that we are part of a global operation with many stakeholders on scheduling issues.  Addressing issues like more control over our monthly schedules and the ability to trade pairings will take collaboration with other CCMs working on the issues. In general, the scheduling discussions have come a long way from the Company’s initial position that all scheduling matters would be decided by Management alone. Both the AFA and Norwegian are exploring certain scheduling concepts and we plan on having more discussion next month.

Norwegian management has expressed both the verbal commitment to move these negotiations forward and more importantly demonstrated a willingness to engage in meaningful negotiations with us. Our next negotiations session will be two days in Los Angeles the first week in September where we will have an opportunity for the full team to meet with Gitte in person. This will be followed up by another 3-day negotiations session scheduled the last week of September.

On a final note, please don’t listen to those who want to sell us short. We are at a critical time of negotiations and it is important that CCMs remain united in getting the Contract we deserve.  We are proud to work for Norwegian but deserve to have our concerns met.  We are glad we did not take the easy route and settle for a sub-standard contract that did not meet our concerns.  From the very beginning, we were consistent in telling the Company that in order to have a fair Contract for the US Crew Members, Norwegian must be present. Now that we have Norwegian at the table, we are making unprecedented progress. This would not have been possible with YOU, the cabin crew who have supported your AFA negotiations team, by telling Management face-to-face that we need a fair contract or by simply showing your support by wearing your Union Pin.  Let’s continue to stay strong and get the contract we deserve.

Always contact us if you have any questions or need more information or clarification on any union-related matters including Negotiations.

Stay Unified. Stay Professional. Be Courteous to each other.

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