Negotiating Committee – Update March 2018




Last week, your Negotiating Committee met with Management to discuss previously passed contract proposals and our Scheduling proposal. We started off the negotiations session under the direction of federal Mediator Jane Allen. Jane has temporarily replaced federal Mediator Anthony Tosi while he is out on medical leave. Before joining the National Mediation Board, Jane served as Senior Vice President of Labor Relations at United and previously held the positions of Sr. Vice President of Onboard Service at United and Vice President of Flight Service at American Airlines.

We started Negotiations discussing previous proposals in which we were close to reaching an agreement. After passing several proposals back and forth we finally reached a tentative agreement on “Leaves of Absence.” The Leaves of Absence article that we negotiated provides for many protections for US-based Norwegian Cabin Crew Members, allowing us to take medical leave, maternity leave, parental/adoption leave, FMLA, military leave, bereavement leave, and jury duty leave, while maintaining our benefits and allowing our seniority and vacation to accrue while on leave. We also agreed to language that gives the option to the CCM to utilize their accrued sick and vacation allotment so they can receive pay while on leave.

After the tentative agreement on Leaves of Absence was reached, we passed across our most important proposal to date: Scheduling. In our Scheduling proposal, we included all of the items you expressed to us that are the most important to you as US-based crew members: a higher guarantee of hours scheduled every month, trip protection, a limit to the number of standby/reserve days that can be placed on our roster, a longer notification period when on standby/reserve, a bidding system, and an automated web-based system for processing trip trades, give aways, and pickups. The members of Management at the negotiating table did not raise any initial objections to what we proposed regarding Scheduling and stated they will have someone from Norwegian’s planning department come speak to us next month regarding our proposal. This is the most promising news to us because this is the first time Management announced that someone from Norwegian will come to discuss and negotiate operational matters with us.

This past week was the most productive and positive negotiating session we’ve had thus far and we’re cautiously optimistic about our progress going forward. We will provide you with another Negotiations Update after our April negotiating session (April 25 and 26) concludes. At the April session we plan on introducing new articles to the Company.

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