March Update 2018



The items discussed in this Union Update are:


  1. Addressing ROSTERING in Negotiations this week
  2. Working Environment Committee conflicting with Union Negotiations
  3. Sexual Harassment Survey
  4. “On Call/Standby” Pay for employees in New York
  5. Union Base Meetings in JFK and FLL

  1. Addressing ROSTERING in Negotiations this week

Because of the Government Shutdown, our negotiations dates set by the Federal Mediator have been cancelled for 3 months. March 20th (this Tuesday) marks our first day back at Negotiations and the topic the Union is going to address this week is ROSTERING. Month after month, the cabin crew continue to suffer because of the poor rostering decisions made my Management. Many of you have written the Company to address our poor rostering situation and the Union wrote letters to the Company on August 17, 2017 and July 16, 2018 to bring attention to this serious situation. Copies of these letters can be found here:

For the past 2 years, the cabin crew employed by Norwegian/OSM have had no choice but to “accept” the terrible planning decisions that force many of us to seek second jobs or rely on family and loved ones to make ends meet. As employees of a Norwegian owned company, we deserve better. We should not be treated as expendable labor like we are now. We expect the Company to negotiate better rostering conditions because the status quo is harming the cabin crew and our ability to make a decent living for ourselves.

  1. Working Environment Committee conflicting with Union Negotiations


Despite being told that the Working Environment Committee (WEC) is illegal in the United States, the Company went ahead and appointed cabin crew members to the WEC (for a third time). The Union is the only lawful designated representative of the cabin crew and the WEC undermines the negotiating process between the Company and the Union. The AFA legal department sent the Company a letter regarding the WEC which can be seen here:  


  1. Sexual Harassment Survey

The Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) is conducting a three minute anonymous survey to gather information about Cabin Crew Members’ experiences with onboard sexual harassment and assault. Your answers will help quantify the extent and nature of this issue. The survey will be open until March 21, 2018.

Take a few moments NOW to complete this short survey >


  1. “On Call/Standby” Pay for employees in New York


The State of New York passed a law last year that requires employers to count employee on-call time as hours worked for purposes of its minimum wage and overtime requirements if the employees are required to remain available to work at or near the employer’s premises and are unable to use the time productively for their own purposes. JFK-based cabin crew members may be eligible to claim backpay for unpaid/unused standby by emailing Gine in payroll and copying the union to request pay for all of the unpaid/unused standby days. More info about the law can be found here:


  1. Union Base Meetings in JFK and FLL

The Union will be holding a joint-meeting with other AFA councils on March 24th (New York) and March 26th(Fort Lauderdale) between 2PM and 4PM. 

The meeting in New York will be at held at LaGuardia Airport: Terminal A, Building 30 The room is located on the 3rd floor, Room 3577

The meeting in Fort Lauderdale will be held at the Cambria Suites 141 SW 19th Ct, Dania Beach, FL 33004

The joint-meeting is a general AFA business meeting where you will meet AFA colleagues from other airlines and discuss the agenda for the upcoming AFA Board of Directors meeting in April. There will be a break-out session (specific to Norwegian Cabin Crew) after the joint-meeting at 4PM. At the break-out session we will discuss contract negotiations and other topics pertaining to Norwegian Cabin Crew. If you only want to attend the break-out session, please send a message to with your phone number because we may head to a nearby venue after the joint-meeting.


We thank you for reading through this newsletter. Stay Unified. Stay Professional. Stay Courteous to each other. As always, your Union which is here to support you by whatever means possible. By law, we are obligated to keep all correspondence confidential so don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason. If you haven’t signed your AFA application yet, please PRINT IT HERE <> and mail it in as soon as possible.

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