Letter to COO and Negotiations



Earlier today we sent Norwegian COO Asgeir Nyseth a letter about our continuously poor rosters. This is our third letter to Asgeir regarding this issue. Many of you have also emailed Asgeir and other members of Management regarding our substandard rosters, which have low block hours and a high number of standby days. We have been dealt these poor rosters for over 2 years now and enough is enough!

You can read a copy of the letter here:

Letter to COO Asgeir Nyseth

We don’t know if Asgeir or anyone else from Norwegian is going to respond to our third letter, but regardless, we will be addressing Scheduling (rostering) this week in Negotiations. We meet with Management tomorrow, May 22nd until Thursday, May 24th. Norwegian told the AFA and the federal Mediator that someone from Norwegian would be there to discuss Scheduling and we expect them to be there. Next to compensation, Scheduling is the most important issue for the cabin crew and we will be negotiating strong language in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (Contract) to ensure the cabin crew are treated fairly. Among many other items, we have proposed language to protect the cabin crew from: low hour rosters, excessive standby, inability to swap freely, and trips being taken away and not replaced.

After this weeks’ session, we will send you an update with any progress we have made in Negotiations and if there has been any response from our letter to Norwegian COO Asgeir Nyseth.

As always, wear your AFA pin and contact us with any questions or concerns.

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