February 18, 2018

We want to thank all of you who participated in the Union’s Standby Contest. The purpose of the contest was to bring attention to how much work we do “for free”. No other flight attendant in the country sits “standby” without receiving any pay or credit. The top “winners” of the standby contest are below:

Duce Roddick 86

Shalanda Thomas 84

Cheyenne Boatman 73

The average number of unpaid/unknown standby days of the average in JFK and FLL was sixty days. This means that in 2017, the average CCM performed two full months of work for free. For those of you who didn’t know, our BCN based colleagues now receive pay for sitting standby.

February 14th marked the one-year anniversary your union’s leaders first sat down with the company to negotiate our contract, During the past year, other unions on property have obtained their collective bargaining agreements with much less resistance than we have encountered. 2018 is the year that we will double our efforts to put pressure on the company to negotiate a contract for the U.S. crew. Each day we work without a contract is another day we work as the lowest paid and least compensated international flight attendants in the country. That has to stop now.

We will be sending out the February newsletter shortly, so stay tuned.

We hope all of you have a great Valentine’s Day.

Fly Safe!

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