Standby, for the Standby Contest!



January 23, 2018

Did you “SIT” standby in 2017? Did you not get called out?

IF SO, we want to hear from you!

The cabin Crewmembers who sat the most amount of unpaid / unused standby days in 2018 have the chance to win some amazing prizes!

What could you win? How about an Amazon Firestick, or a Kindle Fire?

The GRAND PRIZE however is an APPLE iPAD!

Sounds good to you?

How do you win?

First you have to sign up and enter the contest.

Simply print up your duty plan for 2017, from 01JAN17 – 31DEC17

Then highlight all of the unpaid / unused “SBY” days.

Do you have any Airport Standby (APS) days?

If so, highlight those too!

We are also offering a runner up price for the crewmember who sat the most APS days,

That person could win an AMAZON ECHO DOT!

Now that W-2 forms have begun to arrive, we all are preparing for tax season. It’s time to print up your duty plan soyou can maximize your deductions and claim your layover write-offs.

As you search through your 2017 duty plan for your layover write-offs, count up how many standby days you have, and submit them to your Union!

Email them to

Who ever though not doing anything could earn you free stuff?


Fly Safe!

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