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Article 1: Scope Union Position: US CCM jobs need protection as long as company operates in/out of the U.S.

Company Position: unknown

Status: Article not yet opened
Protection in case of merger/acquisition; defined flying for US-based CCMs.
Article 2: Definitions Union Position: All terms in the contract need to be defined.

Company Position: In agreement for most definitions.

Status: Open – Ongoing
Defines all terms in the contract. Note: The “Definitions” article is constantly modified throughout negotiations as new terms are introduced.
Article 3: Compensation Union Position: CCMs need to be paid industry standard/average for the work they do and not suffer a loss of pay when the Company makes business decisions, e.g., over-hire crew or cancel flights.

Company Position: unknown

Status: Unopened
All items that are money related including monthly salary, rates of pay, and per diem, etc.
Article 4: Staff Travel Union Position: CCMs need to be treated equally with other employee groups and should be charged more than required taxes and fees when traveling.

Company Position: Company wants the ability to make money off of CCMs—CCMs may pay more than passengers in some circumstances.

Status: Opened—No Progress
The policies and procedures for passive and ID travel.
Article 5: Hotels Union Position: The Union wants certain layover requirements including more centrally located hotels and a larger crew discount for food.

Company Position: Wants to maintain the ability to put crew in any hotel they want, regardless of condition.

Status: Opened—No Progress
The requirements and conditions for crew hotels and layovers.
Article 6: Rostering Union Position: A higher line guarantee (above 55 hours) for all rosters, a bidding system, and protection from cancellations and trips being taken away.

Company Position: unknown

Status: Unopened
All items that are scheduling/IOCC related.
Article 7: Special Qualification Cabin Crew Union Position: A set of rules that dictate the terms and conditions for each particular qualification.

Company Position: unknown

Status: Unopened
The conditions that pertain exclusively to SCCMs, Check Flight Attendants, and Ground Instructors
Article 8: Crew Bases Union Position: Crew should be able to transfer to crew bases as long as there is a vacancy; should be based on seniority.

Company Position: Wants to maintain the ability to pick and choose who transfers and when.

Status: Opened—No Progress
All topics related to crew bases including vacancies and new base opening.
Article 9: Vacation Union Position: Crew Members should get more than 10 days of vacation; there needs to be a bidding process based on Seniority; vacation needs to be paid.

Company position: 10 days is equal to “2 weeks” vacation; vacation should continue to be “unpaid”.

Status: Opened—No Progress
The amount of vacation a CCM accrues each year and bidding process Note: OSM just gave new FLL-based pilots 28 days vacation.
Article 10: Leaves Union Position: CCMs should be given adequate time off for a when having a baby or for a serious illness.

Company Position: Wants to establish a 120-day maximum for all leaves, then terminate a crew member after time is up.

Status: Opened—Some Progress
All absences from work including short term and long term illness
Article 11: Seniority Union Position: Seniority is essential for dictating many aspects of our job including days off, bidding (when available), vacation, and base transfers.

Company Position: Does not want to acknowledge seniority in any way, shape, or form.

Status: Opened—No Progress
Discusses the process by which Seniority is established and how it’s implemented Note: Short Haul in Europe has a seniority lists for pilots and cabin crew; many processes are dictated by seniority.
Article 12: Furlough Union Position: Union allows the Company to furlough/reduce the number of US-based Cabin Crew members, as long as there’s a reduction systemwide (including crew members in other countries).

Company Position: Company wants to be able to specifically lay off US-based cabin crew while at the same time maintain (or continue to hire) crew member in other countries.

Status: Opened—No Progress
The process by which a Company implements a reduction in force.
Article 13: Health/Safety Union Position: Union wants to appoint CCMs to Company Health and Safety Committees.

Company Position: Company wants to circumvent the Union and appoint their own Health and Safety Representatives.

Status: Opened—No Progress
All issues regarding the health and safety of cabin crew members.
Article 14: General Union Position: N/A (ongoing)

Company Position: unknown

Status: Unopened
Any subject or issue that doesn’t fit into any other category.
Article 15: Uniforms Union Position: We want to maintain the same uniform and luggage allotment that we do currently.

Company Position: In agreement with the Union on all issues except for the union pin.

Status: Opened—No Progress
All items related to the Company issued uniform and luggage Note: The only thing preventing this article from being agreed to is the Company wants language stating that the Union Pin is NOT allowed.
Article 16: Grievances & Board of Adjustment Union Position: Wants a process for CCMs to be able to dispute discipline or any other disparate treatment from the Company including pay and scheduling issues.

Company: In agreement with the Union.

Status: Closed—Tentatively Agreed
The process by which a CCM disputes discipline or unfair treatment by the Company.
Article 17: Benefits Union Position: Crew Members should be provided quality benefits commensurate with the industry standard.

Company Position: unknown

Status: Unopened
All items pertaining to the health and welfare benefits of cabin crew members.
Article 18: Training & other meetings Union Position: CCMs need to be paid for training and scheduled in a consistent and fair manner, e.g., not over the holidays.

Company Position: unknown

Status: Unopened
Processes by which training events and other required company meetings are assigned
Article 19: Union Activities Union Position: Requesting similar treatment and conditions for other Unions on Company property.

Company Position: Offering less-than standard terms, when compared to other Unions.

Status: Opened—Some Progess
Allows union to operate on Company property
Article 20: Union Security Union Position: Every US-based Cabin Crew member will pay Union dues after contract is ratified; provisions for payroll deduction; want specific language agreed to

Company Position: Agreement in Principle; does not agree to specific language.

Status: Opened—No Progress
The collection of Union dues
Article 21: Duration Union Position: No determination on contract length at this time.

Company Position: unknown

Status: Unopened
The length of time the contract lasts before a new one is negotiated.

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